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1st E-Book is now Available for Instant Download

If you want to play jazz lines that logically weave through firmly rooted functional harmony, this 73-page book is filled with many exercises to get you there.

For a wide variety of musicians, Jazz Nutrition's "Approach Notes" will appeal to both the aspiring player and to more experienced musicians of all instruments. Ricky Sweum has assembled a superb collection of effective approaches to major and minor chords with each exercise providing jazz lines that logically weave through firmly rooted functional harmony. Jazz Nutrition is a resource for essential jazz vocabulary.
Pete BarenBregge
Jazz musician, educator, editor
When I took lessons from Ricky Sweum, he proved to be exactly what I needed. He has a fantastic knowledge of jazz improvisation, jazz theory, jazz arranging, jazz composition, and saxophone. Ricky has proven he can put all that knowledge together in an incremental way to suit the learner. As a music educator, I highly recommend him.
Patrick Thames
Elementary Music Teacher, BA Music Performance